Knitting With Koigu’s Gorgeous Merino Wool Yarn: A Review

Knitting With Koigu's 'Chelsea Aran' Yarn

What I Made + Knitting With Luxurious 100% Merino Wool Yarn

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Cozy up with a cup of tea and get ready to knit with some of the dreamiest yarn around!

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If you're a knitter or crocheter like me, you know just how amazing it is to work with merino wool. It instantly adds a luxurious and opulent feel to any knitwear piece, without any of that itchy or scratchy feel that many other lamb's wool yarns can sometimes give.

Merino wool comes from the merino sheep, which have been bred for centuries to produce a wool that feels softer to the touch than normal lamb's wool; thereby giving you all the durable and cozy warmth of wool but with added silky-softness.

And Koigu's yarn is no exception. Each hank of yarn is buttery-soft to the touch, and the stitch definition is phenomenal. Gorgeously spun and dyed with the most beautiful pops of subtle color, the Chelsea Aran yarn is totally eye-catching. With subtle bursts of violet, turquoise, gold, and orange, each hank comes slightly different from the next which makes each one very unique. 

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I mean, look at those gorgeous specks of bright colors perfectly blended into a dreamy, grey-ish background. I've never seen yarn quite like this before, and it is truly one-of-a-kind! 

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What I Knitted: A Chunky Infinity Scarf

Because Koigu's yarn is ultra soft, I figured the best way to showcase its beauty and coziness was by knitting a big infinity scarf that you can easily snuggle up into. Paired with a chunky sweater in the fall or layered with a warm winter coat, this soft merino wool keeps out all the cold and ensures plenty of warmth. I decided to go with a stitch that creates a puffed-up, nubby texture to show off the colors even more. The result? A ridiculously soft and cozy infinity scarf that adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit!

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