Oatmeal Long Knitted Scarf in Premium Vegan Yarn


Long Knit Scarf Fall Fashion Oatmeal Chunky Cowl / Crochet Warm Winter Accessory Fashion Scarf

* Matching Beanie: http://bit.ly/2sooatw

> A KnittingWonders™ Original
> Intricately handmade with no wrong side
> Made of the highest quality vegan yarn
> Luxuriously soft and cozy fashion accessory
> Features a beautiful ribbed textured design
> Extra-long & designed to wrap once or twice around the neck
> Gorgeous oatmeal color goes with anything
> Dimensions: Length: ~120″
> Easy care: Machine wash cold gentle cycle or hand wash; lay flat to dry
> Ready to ship
> Comes thoughtfully packaged & ready to give as a gift

> Super easy to clean and offers less shrinking, shredding, or pilling.
> Always machine washable and very fast to dry. Perfect for garments always needing a quick wash.
> Hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those with allergies.
> Mildew and mold resistant
> Extremely durable fibers, allowing it to last season after season (and likely generation after generation) without any degradation.
> Odor resistant
> Since it’s a synthetic fiber, it’s a moth’s nightmare and your knitted or crocheted garments remain safe.
> Lightweight due to its synthetic materials, but can also provide cozy warmth depending on the bulk of the garment.
> Considered a “high performance” fiber, it is extremely durable with high strength.
> Ranks high on the moisture dissipation test, keeping the wearer cool on hot days by transporting moisture to the outside of the garment and allowing it to evaporate.
> Luxuriously soft and plush and extremely comfortable to wear.
> A very resilient fiber, allowing garments to stretch with wear and use and retain shape after.
> Can mimic the look and feel other natural fibers, such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, or alpaca.

Other colors: http://bit.ly/2rThGiA

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