Crocheting With…Macrame Rope? Working with NiromaStudio’s Lovely Rope

Crocheting with...Rope? The Perfect Fiber For A Crochet Basket

Working With NiromaStudio's Soft Cotton Macramé Rope

The rope drapes so effortlessly and is incredibly soft to the touch. Unlike other macrame ropes I've worked with in the past, NiromaStudio's rope is in an entirely different league. The softness makes it a dream to work with without getting rope burns or anything else that often accompanies other macrame ropes. And one of my favorite parts is that this rope easily frays out if you want it to (I do, I do!). When creating unique macrame pieces, I often enjoy having frayed ends -- I think it adds style and flair. So this rope earned extra points in my book!

Just one look at NiromaStudio's Instagram and you'll quickly see just how talented Cindy (the creative genius behind NiromaStudio) is! I was thrilled at the opportunity to take her beautiful blush pink macrame rope for a spin and see whether this soft, plush rope could also double as yarn for a knitting or crochet project. And upon receiving the beautiful three-pound spool in the mail and touching the fiber, I was hooked! 

What I Made

At first glance, I immediately knew the soft yet durable texture of this gorgeous pink rope called for one thing: a crocheted basket! So I decided to crochet a simple double-crochet stitch (you can learn how to create this stitch HERE) round basket that would be perfect to hold yarn or other knitting supplies. Because the rope is so bulky, the basket worked up super fast -- in fact, it took me only one day to make! I folded the top brim of the crocheted basket down for a little something extra, and considered adding fringe. As mentioned before, this rope has excellent fringe capabilities, and I think I just might have to add a row of fringe around the top of the basket sometime soon! 

The rope itself is so similar to yarn, in fact, that it has a drape-y quality to it, making this basket not as stiff as other crochet baskets typically are. I couldn't help but daydream about what a knitwear garment would look like made using this rope -- bulky, textured, and super soft!  

You caught me....

Okay, fine. You know me too well. Of course I had to use some of the left-over rope to create a macrame wall hanging! I couldn't resist the deliciously soft and drape-y rope and I just knew it would be a dream to knot with! 

I love the end result of this piece. Secured to a Pine Tree branch hand-selected from the Rocky Mountains, I intricately frayed the ends of the rope by hand using a comb. Gently combing through the rope created a lovely frayed texture at the bottom which I think adds more style and flair. Perfect for a baby's nursery or for anyone who is a lover of the color pink (like me!). I can't wait to get my hands on more NiromaStudio macrame rope -- especially in the beige/cream colors.

The Verdict

Sweeping declaration: NiromaStudio cotton macrame rope is my all-time favorite macrame rope I've ever had the pleasure of working with!

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Learn To Crochet

To learn some of the basic crocheting techniques to make your own basket, you can refer to my previous blog post here. There, I teach you how to chain, single crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet! Here's a clip of the double crochet stitch below (the stitch I used to create the basket above!

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