Top Five Fiber Art Influencers Of The Month: Interviews

Top 5 Fiber Arts Influencers Of The Month: Interviews

Knitters, crocheters, macramers, weavers -- these fabulous creativepreneurs are my favorite makers of the month.

      With their beautifully detailed knitwear, unique home decor pieces, and super adorable amigurumi, these makers sure know how to inspire us with their creativity. I interviewed these five awesome yarn bosses to get the scoop about their craft, where they gather inspiration, their favorite supplies, and more!

knit scarf nature


Meet Kelly


Knit Brooks

From her timeless, nature-inspired knitwear pieces to her stunning nature photography, Kelly's beautiful photos and collection of cozy goodies inspires so many people. Just one look at her Instagram feed or her Etsy Shop, and you'll soon realize just how talented this lady is! She is even a co-founder of an inspiring new creative collaboration called Our Maker Life, which connects thousands of makers around the globe. I asked her a few questions about her craft, so keep scrolling down to read!

yarn crochet knitting

How Did You Get Started?

"My mom taught me to knit when I was nine, but I didn't really take interest in the fibre arts until years later. I picked up my knitting needles again in 2009 when I was a stressed and overwhelmed college student fumbling my way through a photojournalism program. I found that making things with yarn was an amazing outlet for stress. In 2010 I inherited my great-grandmother's crochet hooks and, not knowing how to use them, taught myself to crochet using YouTube tutorials. I really haven't stopped knitting or crocheting since!"

Describe Your Work Station

"I'm in a bit of a transitional phase right now habitat wise, so my workspace is nothing short of a hot mess. I have acquired a desk though, which has my computer, probably some yarn that has strayed from my yarn storage, a notebook full of messy & half-scribbled ideas and design notes, the occasional pair of knitting needles or crochet hooks, and most likely other unrelated miscellaneous items because I'm a naturally messy person."

Where Do You Go For Inspo?

"When I need a dose of inspiration, the first place on my list is any path through a forest. Nature is first and foremost my biggest source of inspiration - everything from the colours, to the textures, to the smells, to the way it makes me feel, are pieces I like to incorporate into my creative process. What better way to do this than to go out for a wander?"

knitting scarf style

Any Favorite Tools?

"For crocheting, of course, my great-grandmother's crochet hooks and case. I also just snagged myself a set of Lykke interchangeable driftwood knitting needles, and although we haven't had much of a chance to bond yet, I can tell we're going to be lifelong friends. And a tote to carry my yarn and supplies in (either my knitbrooks or OML tote!)."

Tips + Tricks For New Crafters?

"Whenever someone asks me how they can learn to knit or crochet, I always recommend YouTube! It's a magical place filled with every knit or crochet tutorial you could possibly imagine, and if I'm stuck on something it's the first place I head.

I would also highly encourage any knitters and crocheters, regardless of skill level, to seek out a knit/crochet group in the area. I'm part of a local Sip and Stitch, and meeting with a group of ladies who love (and appreciate and struggle with and strive to succeed in) the fibre arts as much as I do is helpful on so many levels, and something I really look forward to. My group has become a place not just to get my knit on, but to share stories, advice, woes, successes, technical problems, and everything in between."

Check Out Some of Kelly's Items

Coffee Mug In the Depths of Winter Nature Quote by Albert Camus

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Meet Stephanie


All About Ami

It's rare to find an uber-talented artist who can crochet and knit beautiful pieces, but Stephanie is the whole package! From her adorable amigurumi dolls and animals to her gorgeous knitwear pieces, take one look at her Instagram or website and you'll quickly see why Stephanie is one of my top favorite makers! I asked her a few questions about her craft, so keep scrolling down to read!


crochet knit kawaii

How Did You Get Started?

"I started knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old! I always loved crafting as a child, and I have so many fond memories of making my own jewelry, scrapbooking, making small carpets with latchhooks, and melting perler beads to create fun designs! I learned how to knit and crochet from a book and was following patterns and coming up with my own designs soon after. I knitted sweaters and hats for my teddy bears, crocheted my own purses, and started many afghans but never ended up finishing any!"

Describe Your Work Station

"Prior to having children, I had a very organized workspace where I did all my blogging and crocheting! We created a lovely DIY Yarn Storage solution by using corrugated plastic to create compartments to store my yarn neatly. However, I must admit that my workspace has become quite disheveled over the years as my yarn collection has accumulated! Now as the mom of two young children, I find my time very limited, and I usually use whatever time I can get to sneak in some crocheting, knitting, or blogging! My plan is to try and organize my workspace this Spring or Summer though, so here’s hoping!"

Where Do You Go For Inspo?

"It’s interesting because I thought there would come a point in time when I would run out of ideas or have nothing to blog about when I first started blogging 6 years ago. Thankfully, that has actually not happened yet and I’ve managed to update my blog usually at least once a week. I have a growing list of ideas and projects that I hope to design, and I am slowly chugging away at that list. Some have been on hold for a number of years as other ideas take the forefront, but I always have that list of ideas that I can turn to! Whenever I come across an idea at the mall or see a kawaii stuffed animal at a friend’s house, I add it to my list of potential design projects! So far for me it’s been a challenge of so many ideas and too little time!"

knittingwonders allaboutami

Any Favorite Tools?

"My must-have tools are definitely my Clover Amour crochet hooks! Once I discovered them, I could not go back to my other hooks without the soft elastomer handles. They are the perfect hybrid of inline and tapered hooks, and I adore all the fun and bright colours they come in! They’re indispensable when I’m crocheting my small amigurumi since I use a tiny 2.00 mm hook. They have definitely saved my wrists and arms due to their ergonomic design!"

Tips + Tricks For New Crafters?

"Nowadays there are so many wonderful crochet and knitting videos and tutorials on YouTube, so you can easily learn! It was very different when I learned from a book as a little girl! Take your time and be patient as you learn the basic skills and I try not to get too frustrated- it can be a challenge trying to learn how to hold the yarn and hook and to get consistent gauge. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and getting into a comfortable rhythm takes time. Start off with a project that is really motivating and you will be so proud of yourself when you complete it! Some people have chosen my cowl designs as their first projects while others have chosen my amigurumi, and they always feel so accomplished when they complete what they set out to do!

If possible, try and find a community of crafters within the same field either online or in person (you could even start your own club or group)! Being able to learn from one another, ask questions, bounce ideas, and inspire each other is amazing, and will help spur you on as you pursue your craft!"

Wool and the Gang

Check Out Some of Stephanie's Items

Extreme Knitted Blanket Pattern

Bonbon Bears Crochet Pattern

Chunky Braided Cabled Blanket Crochet Pattern

Cabled Mittens Crochet Pattern

homedecor wallhanging tapestry

Meet Julie  


Little Loom

If you're looking for beautifully-designed wall hangings that incorporate macrame knotting techniques and intricately handmade weavings on a loom -- Julie's your gal! Once glance through her Instagram feed and you'll be instantly swooning over her color palette, textures of the yarns she uses, and the complex yet elegant pieces she creates. I asked her a few questions about her craft, so keep scrolling down to read!


wallhanging decor
decor homdecor tapestry

How Did You Get Started?

"I started in October of 2014, when I had purchased a cheap little weaving kit from a stationary store. I fell in love with it as a form of moving meditation and it helped me to get through Post Natal Depression. I am basically self taught (thank you Google and You Tube)."

Describe Your Work Station

"I used to have a studio but I struggled with the lure and pull of wanting to be in there all the time and then feeling guilty for being in there (I have two young children). So i packed it all up and I now work from a space in the corner of my kids play room that is about 1 mtr x 1 mtr . I tie my loom or rod (if I am doing free form) to the stair railing. Tiniest space ever but it works for me."

Where Do You Go For Inspo?

"I often find connecting with other creatives can help to restoke the fire but sometimes I also need to just “down tools” and take a break."

weaving macrame yarn

Any Favorite Tools?

"Aside from a loom when I weave I don’t actually use many tools. My favourite tool is my hands, weird answer I know but they do all the work (I rarely weave with a needle any more). As for supplies, I favour natural fibres, ethically and sustainably sourced where ever possible. Botanically dyed yarn makes me swoon as the colours and tones just always seem to work together. I don’t buy my fibres from commercial yarn stores, my preference is to support small businesses and Indie dyers/spinners."

Tips + Tricks For New Crafters?

"Hmmm thats a tough one. I think connecting with other makers is important, find your people, bounce ideas off them if you have uncertainty around something. Remember that your chosen creative form is meant to bring you joy and pleasure, if that starts to change you need to stop and remember why you are doing it."

If you want to start weaving like Julie,

Here's some supplies you'll need

crochet yarn knitting

Meet Vincent


Knot Bad

Creative, fun, and cool -- these are just a few adjectives I would use to describe Vincent and his incredible amigurumi pieces. Glance at his Instagram and Etsy shop, and you'll soon realize that this man knows how to make some really awesome items with yarn and a hook. He's even explored into the clothing and accessory realm with his hand-crocheted scarves. Pure talent! I asked him a few questions about his craft, so keep scrolling down to read!


How Did You Get Started?

"For all of my four high school years and the two years I attended University, crochet has always been an obscure idea in my head that I’ve always wanted to tackle. After failing at it on four separate occasions in high school and college, I accepted that it’s something that I couldn’t pick up. After leaving my soul draining delivery driver job at Dominos Pizza, a thought sparked in my head; “What’s stopping me from crocheting?” I decided that if I practiced enough, I was bound to get decent at it over time, right?" 


"So that same night I quit my job, I went to Jo-Ann’s to pick up the materials, and sat in front of YouTube for 7 hours straight to learn the basics! After waking up with the most excitement I had ever had in a long time, I spent more time making three basic granny squares. Thinking that after a few hours of practice I was ready to try Amigurumi, I dove right on in and spent the next nine hours of my porch, enjoying the summer air, entranced by this wonderful craft. I made my first Pokemon doll, and ever since then, I’ve been hooked and the rest is history!"

Where Do You Go For Inspo?

"When I need inspiration, I grab a beer! As much fun as it is to go to the bar with friends, I like to go by myself because it forces me to socialize with at least one person that’s new. It’s amazing how creative our minds can be, but also how confide they can be as well. You can learn so much from other people and you wouldn’t believe how much creativity other people can pull from you! Also, because I live in the northwest, we have some of the best environments around, and it does help to clear my mind, so I am fortunate enough to get outside and even go on hikes and walks! Just being somewhere new can spark something."

fiberarts knit crocheting

Any Favorite Tools?

"Since I specialize in Amigurumi, my go-to Hook is my Susan Bates 4mm Wooden Hook! It’s the first one I bought and I still have it a year and a half later! I’ve always had my notebook to jot down notes for patterns and ideas, but I have been making the shift to completely digital. It’s nice being able to have all my notes across all my devices!"

Tips + Tricks For New Crafters?

"Don’t give up too quickly on it! It can be very difficult at first for some; I could have started crocheting years earlier if I didn’t give up so easily! One tip I learned late was to make sure your work is flipped the correct way! When selling your art, making money off of it is always nice, but make sure you're creating for the sake of happiness and to express yourself, let money be a plus, not a priority. If you are trying to grow a business, let it happen organically. Rejoice in every little success you have."

Check Out Some of Vincent's Items

Casper the Snowman

Crochet Jigglypuff Pattern

Crochet Snorlax Pattern

Kanto Starter Pattern Pack

knitting yarn fashion

Meet Jessica


The Hook Nook​

If you're searching for some ultra-chic and unique yet wearable knit and crochet fashion, then Jessica is you girl! Not only is she a super talented crochet artist, but she also recently learned how to knit, so she's a double threat! And the gorgeous jumbo-sized yarns she often works with makes her pieces even cozier than a blanket! I asked her a few questions about her craft, so keep scrolling down to read!


jumbo knitting crochet


How Did You Get Started?

"I first began crocheting in 2011 because I wanted to learn how to make fun beanies and blankets for our sweet baby girl. It definitely wasn’t a pretty process in the beginning, but I loved it! Taking advantage of a Facebook crochet group I was in at the time, lots and lots of Youtube videos and many failed attempts helped me start my journey to where it is today. I have some photos of my first items and even if they aren’t as clean and pretty as I’d like them to be today, I still remember being SO proud of them! I had made them. Such an amazing feeling!"

Describe Your Work Station

"I do have a work desk. The desk as well as my yarn shelves are in our master bedroom (you do what you gotta do!) and as much as I want to say my desk is organized and beautiful, that is far from the truth. Currently I see a total of three works in progress, my camera (without the battery), my hooks, To Do lists and other little knick knacks. An organized mess, for sure."

Where Do You Go For Inspo?

"Recently I’ve really found a lot of inspiration by looking at fashion photos and magazines. Considering I am gearing my focus to that avenue, I love finding colors, textures, vibes, etc in other photos to streamline my thought processes and reign in on new designs that fit my goal."

crochet knitting fashion

If you want to knit stylish jumbo knitwear like Jessica... 

​Here's some supplies you'll need:

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Crochet Puff Stitch Beanie PATTERN


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