Working With Size 100 Knitting Needles: A Lion Brand Collab

Working With Size 100 Knitting Needles

Lion Brand's 'Big Stix' Needles: The Largest I've Ever Knitted With!

I've been knitting and crocheting for over a decade, but somehow I've managed to never knit with Size 100 knitting needles before. It's not that I didn't want to (trust me, I always did!), it's just that I never actually found a pair that I liked using. And to be honest, it's always been a little tricky to find knitting needles in that large of a size unless I shopped online. But everything changed once I was sent these 'Big Stix' needles from Lion Brand. The moment I laid eyes on these needles, I knew I had to do them justice by knitting the most snuggly, warm scarf on the planet!

It's true...

... I'm a sucker for a giant, oversized knitted scarf during the fall and winter months! Just take a peek at my Ultimate Blanket Scarf that was a Knitting Wonder's best selling item last season. (Knitting pattern available HERE). However, I'm always on the hunt to knit or crochet something even bulkier and cozier; to push myself to the giant-knitted-scarf limits and create something so totally cozy and warm that it becomes a staple in my winter wardrobe to beat the brutal Colorado winters. A practical yet stylish knitwear piece that can be used to protect the wearer from freezing winter conditions, while also providing an element of style and fashion to an outfit...that's what I went for with this project!

My Lion Brand Yarn Pics

I was born and raised in Kentucky and lived there for over twenty years. And while Kentucky isn't necessarily known for its brutal winters, it did get pretty cold there. However, once I moved to Colorado in 2016 and experienced my first Colorado winter, everything changed! Most of my weekends are spent hiking at high altitudes deep in the Rocky Mountains. The first couple times hiking, I was always underdressed and managed to end up freezing cold, even after hiking for miles. This was when I really started exploring the idea of knitting super warm knitwear pieces that could not only withstand the freezing cold conditions, snow, and high wind speeds, but would also be fashionable at the same time. Hey, who says practical winter clothes can't be cute and stylish at the same time?

The Verdict

Lion Brand 'Big Stix' Size 100 knitting needles are a definite HIT! It's not only super fun knitting with huge needles, but it also allows your knitted projects to work up twice as fast! It might look intimidating at first to knit with needles this large, but it's actually very easy. You really can't lose your place or drop a stitch, because it's always evident where your stitches are (because they're so big!). And despite how gigantic the needles and stitches are, it's really easy to keep your tension.

So whether you're a longtime knitter or just a beginner, knitting with these 'Big Stix' needles are a blast. Creating jumbo-sized knitwear pieces using these needles allow your project to work up super fast and there will be no lack of coziness! I also think these needles would create an epic knitted blanket -- one that is giant, squishy, and oh-so-soft! In fact, that just might be what I made next with these knitting needles! ​

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