Fashion Blanket Scarves & How To Wear Them

Fashion Blanket Scarves & How To Style Them

Blanket scarves -- the perfect fall or winter fashion accessory! There are a variety of ways to style them, including a poncho, shawl, cape, triangle scarf, simple scarf...and they can even be used as a home decor blanket! Extremely versatile and incredibly fashionable, these cold weather staples are a must in any fashionista's wardrobe! 

Made of the highest quality lamb's wool blend fabric, Knitting Wonder's blanket scarves are luxuriously soft and ultra cozy. There are two sizes: one that is 72" long and one that is 55" long. The designs are the exact on both sides of the scarf, and the premium fabric is medium-weight, making it perfect to cut through the winter cold or snuggle up in as a blanket. Larger than most blanket scarves on the market (and a whole lot softer!), the edges of these blanket scarves were intricately frayed by hand with a hemless finish. The gorgeous hand-sourced fabric is durable enough to be enjoyed across multiple seasons, and they're a breeze to care for: gentle cycle cold (or hand wash) and tumble dry low (or hang to dry).  Perfect to throw in your carry-on to cozy up in on an airplane, use as a blanket (don't forget the longer ones are the width of a Queen size bed!), or wear as a stylish fashion accessory in the fall or winter, these blanket scarves are not only versatile, but also practical and fashionable too!

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Triangle Infinity Scarf

My personal favorite way to wear these blanket scarves is by creating a super easy triangle infinity scarf. Start by draping the scarf around your neck, then take the left corner and pull it across your chest and tuck it under your right shoulder. Repeat the same thing on the right side and gently secure in the back. Fluff and puff the scarf to desired look!

The Cozy Lap Blanket

Due to the luxuriously soft medium-weight fiber, this scarf can also double as a cozy throw blanket. The larger version is 72" long (the width of a Queen size bed), so it's perfect to drape at the ends or curl up in. The smaller version is 55" long, which is still plenty of room to cozy up under on a cold, rainy day. The premium quality lamb's wool blend fabric is luxuriously soft to the touch, making this throw blanket a staple during the hot or cold seasons. 

The Poncho Shawl

Ponchos are a super cute fashion accessory when paired with a chunky knit sweater underneath or even just a tank top. To wear this scarf as a poncho, simply tuck one corner over your shoulder and wrap it around, securing in the back. Pull it out to lay flat and there you have it!

The Classic Shawl

Wearing this blanket scarf as a classic shawl is a no-brainer. Simply wrap around your neck and shoulder and drape over your arms. Not only is it the perfect wind-breaker during a chilly summer night, but it's quite possibly the snuggliest way to wear this scarf during the winter months too!

The Tie Scarf

A super easy and cute way to wear this scarf is by tying a simple knot. You can always double-knot it if you want a tighter, cozier, more cowl-like appearance.

The Simple Scarf

You just can't go wrong with this classic look. Wrap it once around your neck and tuck on end into the neck hole!

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